Friday, November 2, 2012

Hillbillies In Star Wars

  With the recent announcement by George Lucas and Disney to start the production of the final series of trilogy films in Star Wars, it seems like a good time to reflect on how the hillbilly culture has already influenced the historic franchise, and speculate about how it may influence it in the series to come. What's that? You have trouble believing that there were any hillbillies in the first six Star Wars films at all? Well, then sit right back, and let's examine the evidence at hand. Then we'll see about this 'no hillbillies in Star Wars' theory of yours.
  You can scan the hours of film on the first six Star Wars films, and true -- you will not find a long bearded toothless person in coveralls. Take a closer look at the characters. Do their traits and situations resemble those of some hillbillies? Undeniably, I say -- yes. Let's start with the main hero in the original series of films, Luke Skywalker. His momma died giving birth to him. His daddy done ran away, and joined the bad guys. He gets raised on a farm by his next of kin. Not to mention that he thought that he had a crush on his would-be sister. Ahh... not convinced yet, eh? Let us move on to his mentor apparent, Obi Wan.
  Obi Wan Kenobi lived in a hole in a mountain by himself. Everyone thought that he was senile and crazy. He was sporting a rather classy beard. He had wild stories of former wars and adventures that no one seemed to believe... Classic hillbilly.
  The next example for consideration in this discussion, Chewbacca. Come on! The wookie hasn't gotten a haircut or a shave -- ever. He almost always walks around with a rifle. He talks in a language that only a few people can even understand. He rips people's arms out of their sockets when he loses. Someone please hand this wookie a banjo!
  My final exhibit for your consideration in this exercise is the guru of the first trilogy himself -- Yoda. He was old and lived in the forest in solitude. He only had two teeth in his entire head. He was very powerful and wise. Oh, and he had a palate for worm soup. Not a hillbilly? Pishaw!
  There you have it! Several prime examples of how the hillbilly culture has already influenced the Star Wars franchise. One can only speculate as to how our culture will continue to shape and mould the future film series, and the rest of the American cultural fabric in the years to come.

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